Integration Resources

    Implement a Suicide Prevention Program in the Workplace

    Raising awareness about mental health and suicide prevention is necessary, but it’s not enough to create a cultural change.

    Whether your organization has taken the pledge to STAND up for suicide prevention, or if you’re just learning about the critical need to address suicide prevention in construction, the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention (CIASP) has compiled tools and resources to help integrate suicide prevention into your company’s culture as a safety and health priority.

    Download the CIASP Style Guide

    Where Do You Begin?

    The Needs Analysis and integration checklist walks you through a series of questions to help evaluate your company’s suicide preparedness.

    Then, the three-level document provides clear and simple steps to help your company address suicide prevention:

    • Level 1 includes basic steps toward establishing a program to address employee mental health and suicide prevention.

    • Level 2 grows the initial steps into a deeper commitment to the process.

    • Level 3 outlines steps to create a companywide culture to address mental health and suicide prevention.

    These resources will help you dig deeper—disseminate bold messages about the company’s priorities for mental health wellness and suicide prevention, arm the workforce with the knowledge to recognize warning signs, cultivate internal champions, create supportive networks and clear up misconceptions.


    The following videos may be used for individual viewing, to supplement a presentation or webinar, or to incorporate into your employee training. The information has been divided into a series of six videos to make it easier to disseminate and customize the use of the material.

    Part 1: Why Suicide Prevention in Construction?

    Part 2: CIASP Overview

    Part 3: Suicide and Mental Health Impact

    Part 4: Risk Factors

    Part 5: Warning Signs and What to Do

    Part 6: Suicide Prevention in the Workplace