MindWise Screening

    Encourage Employees to Get Screened

    Millions of workers are affected by mental health and substance use issues every year, costing the U.S. economy billions of dollars due to increased workplace absenteeism, worker turnover and disability costs. Identifying behavioral health challenges by taking a mental health screening leads to improved health and reduced healthcare costs.

    By encouraging your employees to take a brief, anonymous online screening, you’re helping them gain a deeper awareness of their mental health and empowering them to seek support. Screenings give your employees an opportunity to check in on their behavioral health, connect to local resources and work towards recovery. Ensuring the good mental health of your workforce is critical.

    Launch a Customized Screening Site for Your Employees

    You can customize your own screening site for your employees with the MindWise Screening program. Starting your own program enables you to tailor your site to match your business’s branding and gives you access to anonymous reporting data to learn about behavioral health trends within your workplace.

    Most importantly, you will empower your employees to take control of their behavioral health by completing a short questionnaire and accessing local resources. Early identification of mental health or substance use challenges leads to improved health and reduced cost.

    Invest in the behavioral health of your employees. Visit mindwise.org or call theMindWise Screening team at 781-329-0071.