These resources focus on building protective factors into the workplace to reduce the likelihood that an employee attempts or dies by suicide. They are designed to focus on helping company leaders make suicide prevention a health and safety priority, build mental health literacy and normalize conversations surrounding suicide and mental health.

    Incorporate toolbox talks on psychological safety topics.

    Print and distribute wallet cards with warning signs and helplines.

    Display posters in work trailers, breakrooms or on company billboards that address suicide and mental health, Employee Assistance Programs, and other mental health services.

    Hardhat stickers files that can be used to promote the CIASP STAND up pledge.

    Wallet cards, posters and hardhat stickers are available for purchase in the CIASP store: Click here.

    Promote free, anonymous screening tools to help employees identify potential mental health issues.

    Share Joyages Construction Industry Resource Page & Videos with your team to build awareness on suicide prevention and mental wellbeing

    Ask your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider to present sessions or lunch and learns on mental health and coping techniques.

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