Suicide Prevention Month

    September is Suicide Prevention Month. Here you will find tools to help you join us in sharing the STAND up for Suicide Prevention message.

    We are asking that you put the tools available here to use!  Please join our social media campaign by posting our STAND up graphics on your social media feeds each week:

    9/1 – 9/4:  Safe – along with the graphic, consider sharing how your organization is creating a caring culture

    9/8 – 9/11:  Training – along with the graphic, share success stories from using the Living Works or other training – and if you haven’t already had people trained, use this opportunity to sign up for free!

    9/14 – 9/18:  Awareness – along with the graphic, share stories or pictures of using the posters and hardhat stickers to create awareness, or the success of using one of our Toolbox Talks in safety meetings.

    9/21 – 9/25:  Normalize – along with the graphic, share ways that you have included the message of suicide prevention in your company’s activities

    9/28 – 9/30:  Decrease – along with the graphic, share stories of ways that suicide has impacted your business or employees to drive the importance of taking action

    In each post please:

    Other social media related activities:

    • Cover images for the various platforms are also included in the Suicide Prevention Month collateral. We would love if you would change yours for the month!
    • Use the hashtag #SeptemberSTANDup
    • Don’t limit yourself to these posts!  Post about all of that you are doing and share stories of how people have been impacted!  Please tag us @CIASP and use the hashtag!
    • Share our posts – we will be using this same format for the month but sharing the resources we have available on the website, as well as stories that relate to them
    • September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day.  People will be paying attention to the topic of Suicide Prevention that day – please use the opportunity to challenge others to take the pledge to STAND up for Suicide Prevention.   Add the hashtag #WorldSuicidePreventionDay to your posts that day so we can drive worldwide awareness!

    Realizing that many safety meetings and other opportunities to share the message have moved to virtual, we have created a Zoom/Teams background that you can use for these to help share the message!  We’d actually encourage you, and anyone else in your organization, to switch to this background for all of your virtual meetings this month, to help build awareness and start the conversation!  The Zoom background and all Suicide Prevention Month graphics are available below for download. 

    Are you hosting an event focused on or in support of Suicide Prevention Month? Send us the details and we will post it to our calendar.